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About us

S.P.R. Tierra Fértil de las Huastecas is a progressive company located in Tampico, Tamaulipas, México, approximately 300 miles from the border at McAllen, Texas. 

We specialize in the production of pepper mash (Genus Capsicum mash), which can be made out of serrano, Caribbean Red habanero, jalapeño, or any other pepper variety. We also produce certified high quality seeds of serrano, Caribbean Red habanero and jalapeño peppers, soybeans and corn. 

Green and Ripe serrano Tampiqueño-74 Peppers

Green and Ripe serrano Tampiqueño-74 Peppers

The pepper mash is of excellent quality. From the beginning of the produce process the best plants and peppers are chosen for the certified seed. The peppers are left to ripen in the plant, and when they turn red they are harvested. 

Our company has created a processing plant for the production of the pepper mash. We have been selling our product delivered in 55 gal. drums or 44,000 lb. tank trucks. 

In the present time our total capacity is 1,000 metric tons, but if required, we can increase it to meet the demand of our clients. 

Caribbean Red Habanero still on the plant

Caribbean Red Habanero still on the plant. This is one of the production fields.

Tierra Fértil is a well established and growing company, that is not only looking for new business opportunities, but is dedicated to maintaining and improving our services to our valued customers.  


Ripe Caribbean Red Habanero already cut from the plant.

Ripe Jalapeño "Tres Lomos" Peppers 

Ripe Jalapeño "Tres Lomos" Peppers


Founded in 1982 by José Mejía Estrada and José Manuel Gochicoa Matienzo, Tierra Fértil de las Huastecas has grown dramatically since, with a reputation of high quality products. 

Because of this growth, the pepper volumes we handle have increased, and we are now also marketing serrano and jalapeño pepper mash. We will have cayenne pepper mash about March 2002.


Transversal cut of jalapeño "Tres Lomos" Pepper

Transversal cut of a sample of jalapeño "Tres Lomos" Pepper, showing the three well defined capsules, typical of this variety.

In order to market our products we have 30 distributors throughout the country who sell certified seed to approximately 2,700 growers. If in the future our demand for mash increases, through these distributors we would be able to get the peppers needed for the mash production in order to meet the requirements. 

We are well connected with pepper producers from all over the country, and through these commercial relationships we have access to several seasonal periods. 

Tierra Fértil is looking forward to begin a lasting and profitable business relationship with you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. 

Ripe Caribbean Red Habanero

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